running on air

Melanie Norton from the Salvation Army organised an inflatable bouncy castle for the kids on the 2nd day of Wrapped in St Marys.

It was too wet to have it outside, so the St. Marys Town Hall became an unexpected venue – fortunately there was enough room … a bouncy castle takes a lot of space!

This photo shows it in the process of inflating; the kids can hardly wait –

When it was finally ready, it was so much fun bouncing, er, lying around –

More lying around – I thought this castle was supposed to be for bouncing in –

The castle has to be inflated by machine, but what do you do when you need to inflate some balloons?  You use lung power, of course!

Here is Melanie hard at work, with the assistance of Janet –

[Photos by Margit]

The car show, held on Sunday 3 June, will be featured in the next post

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