i’ve been silent for a while, mainly because we’re waiting on some important news

recently we were encouraged to apply for funding to our local council so we could make wrapped in st marys an annual event

Wrapped in St Marys 2012

after filling in the application we’ve been told by a council officer that our application has been approved in principle

hooray – this is fantastic news!

the council meeting is on monday 17 december – i can’t wait to hear what their final decision is …

3 comments on “funding?

  1. wendynbix says:

    looking forward to hearing that “the check is in the post” Rita. Well done on the submission writing.

  2. Reblogged this on WRAPPED IN ST MARYS TASMANIA and commented:

    And the good news is …
    We have secured funding for 2013, and as an annual event thereafter!
    Many thanks to Break O’Day Council, which has agreed to provide ongoing funding.
    Now the preparations will begin – more soon!

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