After the resounding success of our Wrapped in St Marys event, it’s wonderful to relive it through the many photographs that were taken.

Editing and uploading them is a mammoth task due to the sheer numbers of images.

However, I’m making good progress, and you can now enjoy the event virtually here …


wrapped in st marys 2013

Photographs in this post contributed by Peter Troode, Wendy Fowler and Rita Summers

2 comments on “wrapped

  1. wendynbix says:

    It must be a mammoth job Rita… I know how many photos I took and they are just a small part of the total… still how lucky are we to have such a great collection of images with so many different perspectives on the whole weekend… a valuable archive as well as heaps of fun to look at. Good on you for sticking with the job and posting so many great pictures for us all to enjoy.

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