winter afternoon

such a beautiful day today … frost this morning, then sunshine and just a hint of spring in the air

visited our block after work this afternoon, and couldn’t resist taking these photos of a wonderful gum tree not far from where our house will be built

photo 1 (that’s mt elephant in the background) –

photo 2 (the cattle are on the neighbouring property) –

photo 3 –

[photographs are copyright to rita summers 2012]

roses tier

one day we decided to drive over roses tier (behind ben lomond) to get to st marys from launceston

i tried to capture this first-time experience with my mobile phone from a moving car

try to imagine being on the trip yourself while watching this

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please note that the above slideshow is about the experience rather than the photography

having said that, next time i’ll remember to take my camera

2 trees and a mountain

Following on from my post about a wombat, I thought I’d share these photos:

a giant gum tree –


a blackwood tree –


and a view of Mt. Elephant –


These were all taken on our block of land near St. Marys – I guess it’s not hard to see why we’ve decided to put down roots here! (And yes, that is the owner of the 1949 Anglia Tourer in the above photo …)

frosted 1

The ground, the grass, the air – crisp, cold and beautiful … a cool but sunny start to our Wrapped in St Marys event:

mist in the trees –

our landmark, St. Patricks Head, in the background; artists getting ready for the event –

and a lone pedestrian (well, it is early …) –

[Submitted by Janet Drummond]